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Our mission in the UK is to raise money for Being Children's work in India

Our Mission

Our mission in the UK is to raise money for Being Children’s work in India.

Most of us have a strong lasting memory of our childhood, yet many in the developing world are often denied this. Extreme poverty forces many families to use their children to earn an income. In India, in particular, many young people marry young and live in impoverished circumstances without clean water, food, basic medical care and basic sanitation facilities. They are migrants and travel across the country in the hopes to find work and a better life. Children that are brought up in this environment will continue this never ending cycle of poverty and displacement. With the need to work and grow up so quickly, they are denied an education and never freely develop and grow, never in fact are they allowed to ‘be children’.

Legal Information

Being Children has achieved charitable status and has been entered onto the Register of Charities by the UK Charity Commission with the Registered Charity Number 1154527.

Our Approach...

We work with street children and displaced communities to provide education, health and social care.

Our primary focus is to support and educate families on the importance of formal education. Our approach is simple;

Our Approach


Our aim is that all of the children that we support are registered and enrolled into formal education. We ensure this by incentivising families to send their children to school.

Schools also require equipment such as books, uniforms, bags and stationery items which we provide. Once children are at school, they have an equal chance to participate and advance.

Our aim is to provide daily pre school lessons for children under 5, to prepare them for entry to school.

Health care

Children in displaced communities often don't have access to running water, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, or shampoo. We provide these items on a monthly basis to all children in our care, ensuring that they understand the importance and benefit of being clean and healthy.

As well as common daily problems, we also deal with children with Aids and HIV, Leprosy, Rabies, Malaria, Severe Burns and so on. By working with hospitals, we can provide the children with the care that they need. As a preventative measure, we provide monthly health checks to all children in our care.

Social work

By educating the adult members of the displaced communities, we can prevent many of the apparent social issues.

Slum communities often suffer from problems such as domestic violence, alcohol abuse and malnutrition.

Our aim is to provide regular sessions/workshops in preventative topics such as Aids and HIV awareness, birth control, basic medical care and nutrition. We also provide one to one support and counselling in matters which directly affect the child’s welfare.