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Being Children is a UK charity, formed by a small group of like minded individuals, who wish to see a better life for underprivileged slum and street children living in India. Our aim is to provide these children with a better childhood through education, nutrition, health care, recreational activities and by distributing items like clothes, fruit and other essentials.

Our work has begun, but we have a long way to go, and would be delighted to receive any support from other like minded people, who wish to make a change in a child's life and bring a smile to their face. Help us give them a childhood worth remembering.

Please take a moment and have a look at some of our latest photos to see the children that we help and the work that we do.

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Teaching The Teachers Teaching The Teachers

Teaching The Teachers

There have been a few problems in one of the local schools with children being physically abused by one of the teachers. We hoped that a different style of teaching would involve the children more and decrease the likelihood of the teacher having to discipline the children and the situation might well improve.

With that in mind Darshika offered to take a class, demonstrating a different approach with more pupil involvement and interaction with teacher, with a view to helping staff forestall potential problems developing.

Forced out of education and into Marriage Forcing Children out of education and into marriage

Forced out of education and into Marriage

Children's lives are often short lived in India. It has been reported recently that 309,000 Indian babies die on the day they are born. For the children that do survive, their childhood is often taken from them and they are often denied an education; this is especially the case for girls.

Of the girls who do manage to attend school, their educational path is often short lived, as when they start to mature, they are taken out from school so that they can be married off. On one occasion recently, Robert was visiting a school when Rukmani, one of the girls came to him in distress. Her half brothers had come from the home village wanting to remove her from school and take her and her younger siblings back to the village. This seemed particularly bad timing as it was just a month before the end of term.

Fairytale Cakes and Busicuits Fairytale Cakes and Busicuits

Fairytale Cakes and Busicuits

Jade and Leonie have been supporting Being Children since they read in the paper about Darshika and Steve joining Rob in India and setting up Being Children. Their original reaction to the newspaper article was

"I DARE you to challenge this story's cuteness.

It's like two swans meeting for the first time and deciding that it is their duty to patrol the waters for all the baby swans.

Students receive tablets through Cyber Age Scheme Students receive tablets through Cyber Age Scheme

Students receive tablets through Cyber Age Scheme

Even though Being Children was newly established in August 2013, Robert has been working with Street and Slum children in India for nearly 10 years. He has seen many of the original group of children grow up, and has helped them with their education enabling many to attend school. A few of the children who were just 4, 5 or 6 years old then, are now in 6th and 7th Standard in school. They have come a long way, and as a reward to them and other students from the 6th and 7th standard, the local government has introduced a scheme for the children to receive an android e-tablet.

Carnival Day Carnival Day

Carnival Day

The 11th of February was carnival day for the children when Declan and his group of performers came to entertain the children.

We had informed the children the day before and told them we were all going down to the riverside to hold a small carnival show for them. We weren't sure how many children would come as some had to go for sports practice in Panjim, but we had hoped there would be at least 40. This would be the first show for some of the children and many of the new ones would be only 3 or 4 years old, but we hoped everyone would enjoy it.

Prevention of Child Abuse Prevention of Child Abuse

Prevention of Child Abuse

Being Children at its heart aims to give children a childhood worth remembering. During the last week, we have had to step in and take action against a teacher at a local school, who has been accused by several children of beating them, slapping the students across the face and hitting them with a stick. In December, we wrote to the school highlighting one instance and asked the school for their help in stopping such abuse. Unfortunately, the abuse continued, so further help was sought by the children...

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    We would like to thank BMW SA Rosslyn Bodyshop Staff, Caroline & Johnny Pontikakes (Station Takeaways) Pretoria South Africa and Raj for the doations they gave via Lorraine and Gerald - Thank you!

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    Being Children Was Registered With The Charity Commission on 8th November 2013

    We would like to thank everyone for their support, Being Children has achieved charitable status and has been entered onto the Register of Charities by the Charity Commission with the Registered Charity Number 1154527.

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    There is no international agreement on the definition of 'street children', and the label of 'street children' is increasingly recognized by sociologists and anthropologists to be a socially constructed category that in reality does not form a clearly defined, homogeneous population or phenomenon.
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